Approval of Natural Resources Wales’ (NRW’s) Strategic Review of Charges (SRoC) 2023-24

The Minister for Climate Change, Julie James MS, has today approved Natural Resources Wales’ (NRW’s) proposed regulatory charges for 2023-2024, and for NRW to make the necessary arrangements to implement these charges from 1 July in the following areas:

  • Industry regulation
  • Site based waste
  • Water quality
  • Water resources
  • Reservoir compliance
  • Introduction of species licencing charges

NRW’s regulatory charges are designed to operate on a cost recovery basis to ensure it recovers eligible costs of its permitting and regulatory work, in a fair and appropriate manner.

Informed by NRW’s Strategic Review of Charges (SRoC) Programme, NRW’s intention is to ensure that the costs of, delivering their regulatory approach and the outcomes needed for the Welsh environment and green recovery, are recovered from those they regulate and to avoid subsiding these costs through their Grant in Aid (GiA) or other charge payers.

NRW’s proposed charges have been developed through a process of extensive background research and ongoing discussions with Welsh Government, stakeholders, and other UK regulators. NRW’s consulted on their proposed charges for 2023-2024 in October 2022.

Welsh Government officials have now conducted appropriate final check and have sought the necessary assurances to ensure NRW’s SRoC programme is robust and provides an accurate basis to support and underpin NRW’s proposed charges for 2023-24.


Full Statement and guidance can be found here